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The Single Woman's Prayer Book: Digital Ebook

The Single Woman's Prayer Book: Digital Ebook

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Embark on a transformative journey of faith and love with 'The Single Woman's Prayer Book.' Dive into 30 heartfelt prayers and carefully selected scriptures, curated by Selina Almodovar, a seasoned Christian Relationship Author with over a decade of coaching experience.


  1. Instant Access: Available for instant download upon purchase.
  2. Expert Guidance: Crafted by Selina Almodovar, a renowned relationship coach with over ten years of experience.
  3. Journal Spaces: Spaces within each prayer to continue your prayer time through journaling and documenting answered prayers.
  4. Bonus Prayer Meditation Audio: Specially created to help get into the right mindset to focus on praying without a distracting headspace!


  1. Transformative Prayers: Experience the power of 30 heartfelt prayers and scriptures that have personally transformed Selina's love story.
  2. Self-Love and Healing: Navigate singlehood with a guide that goes beyond prayers, helping you discover self-love, healing, and confidence.
  3. Trusted Expertise: Benefit from Selina's decade-long coaching experience, tailored to the field of love and relationships.
  4. Proven Results: Join over 1,000 clients who have been positively impacted by Selina's coaching, as featured in reputable spaces like Bustle and MindBodyGreen.
  5. Exclusive Content: Access the wisdom of a professional author, blogger, and YouTuber with over 550k views, featured on national television.

Unlock the joy, fulfillment, and contentment in your single life with 'The Single Woman's Prayer Book.' Don't miss out – this is your key to embracing the abundant blessings that God has in store for you."


This is a digital product. It will be available for instant download upon purchase. There are no refunds accepted for digital products. 

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