Webinar Replay:  How to Create A Joy-Filled Love Life During The Holiday Season

Webinar Replay: How to Create A Joy-Filled Love Life During The Holiday Season

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The holidays are coming? Is your love life ready?

Let's face it, navigating your love life during the holiday season can get stressful!

Luckily this Masterclass has a little bit of everything to get you on track for an unforgettable holiday season! No more avoiding awkward conversations with your fam at the dinner table! Say goodbye to the ragged runaround of trying to please everyone all the time! No more overspending or disappointing gift-giving from you and your man! And relieve yourself from the confusing "what are we" convos that have left you feeling confused and worried all season long!

The webinar replay, (previously taught as "How to Survive The Holidays When You're Single, Dating, or Married") has something for everyone that can be applied in this holiday season and in seasons to come! 

At the end of this faith-based relationship webinar, you'll learn the following: 

  • How to address your family and friends when it comes to your love life!
  • Determine how to honor old traditions while incorporating new ones with your new love!
  • Discover how to give the perfect gift to your man based on how far along you are in your relationship!
  • Know what to expect in your love life throughout the holiday season!

Don't let another holiday season wear you out and beat you down! Learn top faith-based, relationship tips that will leave you feeling secure, happy, and ready to celebrate all season long!

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