The Engaged Woman's Prayer Book- Digital Edition

The Engaged Woman's Prayer Book- Digital Edition

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Get rid of the stress, overwhelm, and worry of planning your wedding & preparing for marriage with just 5 minutes a day!

Gain peace of mind knowing that through this crazy season, you are going to God daily in prayer.  You're setting up a strong, firm foundation for your marriage and with your future husband.  And all of your wedding stress will melt away at just 5 minutes a day.

You're getting closer to God and your Fiancé all throughout the process.  You're incorporating God into every step of this season.  There are amazing tools and resources that you can use for yourself and for your wedding day.

And you're not even breaking your wedding budget!


Come on now!  This is definitely the no-brainer bridal book that you're gonna wanna have!

  • Over 30 60-second personal prayers addressing your relationship to God, your wedding planning and execution, and preparing for your future marriage
  • Guided tips to teach you how to pray and draw closer to God
  • A section designed to help you build up a prayer life with your Fiancé
  • A treasured book that could easily fit into the classic tradition of "something old, new, borrowed, or blue!"


  • Special prayers for those unique situations (such as blended families, getting re-married, speaking against divorce, or becoming a stepmom)
  • A faith-filled timeline & checklist to help you map out your wedding from one year out all the way to your special day
  • Six tips on how to enjoy an “effortless” engagement season
  • Prayer screensavers you can use to take your favorite prayers with you wherever you go
  • Printable prayers you can use to display at your wedding and reception


Why Should You Buy from Selina Almodovar?

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  • Coached over 1,000 clients and counting
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