Masterclass:  Everything You Need to Know About Cuffing Season

Masterclass: Everything You Need to Know About Cuffing Season

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The colder weather is upon us.  The leaves are changing colors.  The crockpots are in full force.  Let's face it:  Winter is coming!  And if you've been around the dating pool for some time, you know that winter = guys trying to cuff you.

Cuffing Season:  (n).  The cold season when everyone’s coupling up, so you settle for a new bf/gf way below your standards.

Girl, you are NOT about to let this happen to you!  No way, no how are you about to lower your standards and succumb to the bored desires of a guy who doesn't recognize your value for ALL that it's worth!

In this Masterclass, you will learn the basics of what cuffing season is all about:

  • Understand why it happens and why it pulls so many women into it's sneaky little net
  • Discover what the signs are of someone who is trying to "cuff" you vs. someone who is actually seriously interested.
  • Learn how to handle your dating (or single) season during the wretched winter months so that you come out on top feeling confident, loved, respected, and not someone's last-minute choice!


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