1:1 Single Coaching Session- 60-Min

1:1 Single Coaching Session- 60-Min

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In this 60-min session, we will dig deep into your single life to unfold where you stand emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Then, as part of my 8-step "Reset to Total Restoration" Love Process, we will reconsider where your faith lies within your love life and reflect on why it could be lacking, to begin with. From there, I'll give you clear and practical steps on how to begin the process of recovering from your past, and rediscovering what faith and your love life should (and could) look like with a totally healed heart, mind, and spirit! 


This Session is Ideal for Someone Who:

  • Is currently single.
  • Wants to know what could/should be done in order to gain peace of the season... or to head into a new one!
  • Is willing to practically fulfill the deep inward work (reflection, create awareness, and be honest about your fears, thoughts, feelings, etc.) before stepping out in faith to do the outward stuff (like dating).


How It Works:

  1. Purchase a Coaching Call here in the shop.
  2. Once you have successfully made your purchase, you will receive a "Next Steps" digital handout that you can download instantly.  This will also be emailed to you with your confirmation email.
  3. In this handout, you will have the link to my Calendar where you will then select a date and time that works best for you.
  4. Upon completing the online calendar scheduler, you will be asked to enter your contact information and answer a few questions that will help us with our call.
  5. Should you have any questions during this process, please email Selina@SelinaAlmodovar.com using the subject line, "Coaching Call Setup".

Why Should You Buy from Selina Almodovar?

  • Over seven years of coaching experience; five specifically catered to the field of love & relationships!
  • Coached over 1,000 clients and counting!
  • Featured in online spaces of Bustle, MindBodyGreen, Huffington Post, and Elite Daily for her relationship expertise!
  • Featured on the TCT Network's National Television Show, "Julie & Friends" for her relationship expertise!
  • Publisher of "The Single Woman's Prayer Book", "The Engaged Woman's Prayer Book", and "Christian Dating Adventures: A Couple's Guide"!
  • Professional Author of four books, Blogger with over 80k yearly viewers, and YouTuber with over 100k views!

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