The Breakup Breakdown Digital Workbook
The Breakup Breakdown:  Learn The Lessons From Your Breakup- Ebook
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The Breakup Breakdown: Learn The Lessons From Your Breakup- Ebook

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Ever see one of those criminal investigation shows? And they investigate EVERY SINGLE TINY DETAIL about the crime scene until they discover the answers and keys that explain the whole situation?⁠

Now, imagine if you had that for your breakup!!!

Listen, it doesn't matter if you broke up with someone yesterday or years ago-- if the case has not yet been solved, then there will always be questions, what if's, and baggage lingering behind!!!

In comes The Breakup Breakdown!⁠

This ebook will take you step-by-step into your breakup, helping you discover the who, what, when, why, and how it all went down so that you can learn from it, grow from it, and finally recover and move on for good!⁠

Discover the TRUTH behind why your past relationships never worked out so that you... ⁠

💔No longer waste your time with guys who aren’t serious!

💔Discover your true worth and never play it down again!

💔You can feel confident in finding genuine love in your future.⁠



  • Can't get over your last breakup and it's messing with your love life
  • Always wondered what went wrong in your last relationship
  • You're tired of the drama that comes with a breakup and you don't wanna keep making the same mistakes moving forward
  • You're desperate to process your old feelings but you have no idea how
  • Wanna bring awareness to any fears or past pains that may be holding you back from finding or enjoying real love
  • Want clarity, answers, and direction

Now, you can go ahead and investigate the breakup scene by yourself by stalking your ex's social profiles or secretly talking to others about what they thought happened, adding to your drama.  Or, you can get THE TOOL YOU NEED to FULLY assess the situation, and walk away from the scene ready to close the case and move on for good!!


Why Should You Buy from Selina Almodovar?

  • Over seven years of coaching experience; five specifically catered to the field of love & relationships
  • Coached over 1,000 clients and counting
  • Featured in online spaces of Bustle, MindBodyGreen, Huffington Post, and Elite Daily for her relationship expertise
  • Featured on the TCT Network's National Television Show, "Julie & Friends" for her relationship expertise
  • Publisher of "The Single Woman's Prayer Book", "The Engaged Woman's Prayer Book", and "Love Deep:  7-Day Devotional To Finding Love In God, Yourself, and Mr. Right"
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