Love Deep: 7-Day Devotional
Love Deep: 7-Day Devotional
Love Deep: A Devotional On Finding Love For Singles - Digital Edition
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Love Deep: A Devotional On Finding Love For Singles - Digital Edition

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Love has been all around you-- you just didn't know it!  Dive deeper into how to find love in your life, through the eyes of God.

This seven-day devotional is designed to help you clearly find love that's been surrounding you all of your life- through your past, present, and future!  Then learn how you can embrace it using God’s Word, to restore your love life from the inside out!

Devote Your Love Life to God and Transform the Way You Think & Feel About Love!

Receive 7 Days of Biblical Study On the Topic of "True Love" and Learn How to Have a Fuller & Healthier Relationship with God, Yourself, and Your Future Relationships!

Yes, love involves risk, and sometimes it can sting... But what if there was a love that was none of those things?  What if love was meant to be more... And what if that love was available to you every second of the day for every moment of your life?

The Love Deep Digital Devotional was created to introduce (rather, re-introduce) you to God's love for you, the way He actually intended you to receive it.  This devotional goes deep into the details behind what it truly means to love God's way, and how you can apply it into your everyday living and love life!

DAY 1: Love Deep for God

DAY 2: Love Deep for Yourself

DAY 3: Love Deep for Others

DAY 4: Love Deep for Your Past

DAY 5: Love Deep for Your Future

DAY 6: Love Deep for Your Future Self

DAY 7: Love Deep for Your Future Relationships


    • Are ready to dive deep into a Biblical study of what true love actually means
    • Want to experience love but don't know where to look
    • Are ready to trust God with your love life but have no clue where to start
    • You want to take your love for yourself and others to a deeper level
    • Desire to love yourself in a way that honors God
    • Are confused as to what love should feel and look like and need some clarity

Here's What You'll Get In This Digital Workbook!

  • Daily scriptures to allow you to dig deeper into the Word
  • Digging Deeper Bible studies to understand each daily scripture
  • Major Moments to fully understand the lesson behind the Word
  • Topics that cover love in God, self-love, past/present/future relationships, and future love life
  • Find Love questions that will inspire to create practical steps to find love
  • Action steps to take each day
  • Reflection questions to challenge you to grow in love
  • Daily “Say’s” to bring the love lesson to life in your own affirming words
  • Personal prayers to pray over yourself and your love life
  • Perfect to complete with friends as a study group!


Why Should You Buy from Selina Almodovar?

  • Over seven years of coaching experience; five specifically catered to the field of love & relationships
  • Coached over 1,000 clients and counting
  • Featured in online spaces of Bustle, MindBodyGreen, Huffington Post, and Elite Daily for her relationship expertise
  • Featured on the TCT Network's National Television Show, "Julie & Friends" for her relationship expertise
  • Publisher of "The Single Woman's Prayer Book", "The Engaged Woman's Prayer Book", and "Love Deep:  7-Day Devotional To Finding Love In God, Yourself, and Mr. Right"
  • Professional Author of four books, Blogger with over 80k yearly viewers, and YouTuber with over 100k views!